15 Ajax contact / feedback forms

Validating input data is an essential requirement for quality and secure software applications. Using Ajax we can make more user-friendly and resposive forms. The data filled in by the user can be validated in near real-time, providing feedback to the user without reloading the page.

Introducing Dustin’s Ajax Contact Form – an unobtrusive AJAX contact form (works even with JavaScript disabled).

Email/Contact form allows you to gather feedback from your visitors. You can install this script on your website or webpage to communicate and gather feedback from your users.
Php-learn-it Email form

When the form is submitted, the PHP will go validate all the fields and return a result back to the Javascript to let it know if everything went ok.
ajax form tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up an awesome ajax contact form with validation which loads in facebox to mimic the get satisfaction feedback you may see on the side of some websites these days.
Facebox ajax form

In this tutorial you will learn how to make an AJAX contact form which leverages modern web development techniques. The form degrades gracefully, which means it is perfectly usable even with JavaScript turned off.
Fancy contact form

Inspired Dustin’s Ajax Contact Form, Alex Sancho decided to make his own version, he rewrote the whole php code used in the original form. The result is a form which is easy to deploy and use, functional and attractive to the user.
Formulario de contacto

Brett’s Beta Contact Form: it’s secure, it’s cross-platform, it’s pretty, it’s modular, it’s degradable and it’s AJAXified.
Beta contact form

It uses the AJAX version if people have javascript enabled, and defaults back to the PHP form if they don’t. And it pre-validates the data to warn users about input that will get rejected by the contact form before they submit.
Ajax form with php fallback

Contact-Pop is a jQuery plugin that makes contact forms with grayed out overlays incredibly easy.
Ajax contact pop form

LightForm is a free Ajax/PHP contact form. It combines FormCheck2 for fields validation and NiceForms to style text fields and textareas.
Ajax light form

The aim of this tutorial is to help you to create a simple (tableless) contact form using AJAX, JQuery & PHP.
Tableless ajax form

In this tutorial, we will go through the steps to setting up an AJAX form, which will return a JSON response used to display success/error messages.
Form with AJAX and JSON responses

This contact form has several advanced features such as Email injection prevention and a more accurate email validator that not only validates the syntax, but also whether the domain exists or not.
Ajax contact form

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make Ajax Based form submission with jQuery and it will also work even if javascript is not supported.
Ajax based Form Submission with jQuery

This is a screencast that illustrates the process of implement a working contact form into a site template.
Ajax form screencast

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