Magento Facebook App

Magento Facebook App

We haven’t talked about Magento on Net-Kit by now because we wanted to highlight platforms like WordPress, keeping it simple  and just afterwards introduce you to a more advanced field. As you might already know, Magento is a all in one platform and CMS designed to help ordinary people build extraordinary online stores.

Just like WordPress and Drupal, Magento has a huge community of web developers, designers and sponsors at it’s disposal, people working very hard on improving the platform everyday. That’s why in just few years since it’s release, Magento managed to conquer the title for most popular eCommerce CMS out there working wonders among web marketers and vendors. On top of that, the script is available for free at the Magento portal!

Still, when it comes to social media friendliness, Magento needs some external help, and that’s what we are going to talk about today. I guess you always wondered how profitable your online store would become after approaching the social industry at it’s best and actually integrate your products inside the most popular social website, Facebook. Well, the Magento Facebook App can do that for you in an instance and also effortless.

Magento Facebook App is the name of this new extension that made online vendors go crazy and currently starting to generate a new marketing trend among web enthusiasts. The extension brings a comprehensive administration panel, easy registration and login options and 100% integration into Facebook which can become one strong asset for promoting your business.

Not only that you will benefit from it’s social shopping interface, but you will also have the chance to offer your visitors multiple registration options including the Facebook connect option. This way, you visitors will be able to get full access to your content in no time while providing you with a marketer goldmine which is email, shopping preferences, Facebook likes and even promote your website to their friends and connections Wall or private message.

Friends recommendations are among the most trusted ways to generate genuine traffic and obtain serious customers, and I really believe that using Magento Facebook App wisely can bring you lots of benefits including brand building and social awareness which are essential in 2012′s online field.

How Do I Install Magento Facebook App?

Like I said earlier, in order to get Magento Facebook App, you need to opt in for one of the free or premium versions of Magento available at where you will be able to find a lot of tools, tutorials and additional support. Since Magento Facebook App is available for all Magento versions 1.4+, you don’t have to worry about which one will fit best.

Just like any other Magento extension, you will have to download it, unzip it and let it run! Simple, isn’t it? Still, besides that, Magento Facebook App is conditioned by Facebook’s app engine which will require you to register your application along with some details about your site at The process is quite easy to handle and it takes just 2 minutes to get it up and running.

You can also learn more about how to install Magento Facebook App at Apptha or get in touch with their support team at any time! You have it all on the table now, all you have to do is to install Magento, get the Magento Facebook App and the social network will handle your marketing procedure with ease!

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